Stand Out From the Crowd! Make a Statement with a Modern Look! DECT Wireless Intercoms up to 300m range! Multi-resident Wireless Intercoms  
  At Advanced Electronic Solutions, we manufacture the largest range of wireless and GSM intercom systems in the world.

Wireless intercom systems are offered in D.E.C.T technology, which is a longer range version of the technology found in almost all portable home phones.

GSM Intercom systems for gates allow the intercom to call your mobile phone, as well as calling your home phone, all with the added benefit of no range limits! All you need is mobile phone coverage.

3G video calling which is also used in mobile phones has now been introduced to our intercom systems. So now you can have your very own smart phone intercom. 

Constructed from brushed stainless steel, finished with gloss black toughed acrylic trim, our intercoms not only look great, but they are tough and weather resilient.


We also offer multi-apartment GSM intercoms with up to 8 push buttons calling different phone numbers, and digital systems which can address up to 500 apartments, perfect for tower blocks and flats.



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